Luis de Arquer Recio Designer Profile
Luis de Arquer Recio is the award-winning designer of the The Frog Helmet support.
Luis de Arquer Recio

Luis de Arquer has the luck to live surrounded by great creators in different disciplines. His great grandfather was a catalan modernist architect who designed the Columbus Monument in Barcelona. His uncle, Carlos Buigas made more than 700 projects of light sources in the 5 continents and the Montjuic Magic Fountain and his father Cayetano de Arquer Buigas, was a world class painter. Although Luis has dedicated his self in depth to music, its interpretation, improvisation and composition, he has been able to unite all those different ways of looking at things and using them at the moment of creation.In any case,the most beautiful inheritance and what its be a common denominator of his diverse creative contributions, is the strength of positivity with which he approaches them and the illusion to share and communicate the creative experience. It is what is generally perceived and appreciated in his work.

Luis de Arquer Recio
The Frog Helmet support