Viktoriia Shkliar Designer Profile
Viktoriia Shkliar is the award-winning designer of the HOt office .
Viktoriia Shkliar

The architectural bureau FORM was founded by the architects Victoria Shklyar and Olga Antontseva in 2004. Since that time, more than 150 objects for various purposes have been created. FORM bureau is interested in the client who came to them for an idea and completely trusts the work! In communication with clients, the main thing is mutual understanding - "looking together in one direction" and it's not important to make a quick decision. The fewer stereotypes in the head, the more bold and fresh ideas are born and embodied. FORM bureau is working mostly with private housing. Plans to realize more in the work on public projects. FORM architectural bureau has repeatedly participated in various competitions, projects are published in various print and online publications.

Viktoriia Shkliar
HOt office