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Kevin Chu is an award-winning designer with 6 featured award-winning projects.
Kevin Chu

“Life is the endless journey pursuing excellence and embracing challenge, which repeatedly achieve the greatness in our life.” “ I love jogging, which keeps my body moving while my mind is steady. The repetition of breath brings me the inner peace, and helps me to think.” Life is full of worries, and the we can hardly hear the inner voices before appeasing our minds. When running, the process of introspection translates the interactions among the running, nature and me into the interior design language claiming “mentality” and “comprehension.” All the efforts of challenge-takings and dedications will ultimately convert into the profound affections ceaselessly reminding people of the very first motivations. The beauty of nature assuages the stressful life, which becomes peaceful, relaxing and tolerant. “Ignoring the beautiful scenery and rushing abruptly, most of people spend lifetime chasing opinionated wishes will ultimately realize that the relentless fighting is not truly pertinent to life. We need to learn to “pause, sit, sedate and solace.” Pause and enjoy life; sit and appreciate nature; sedate and find the inner peace. I learn from the nature, which subtly gives lives to design works, and redefines the interactions between the space and people.

Kevin Chu
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