Anokhina Marina Designer Profile
Anokhina Marina is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Anokhina Marina

AMARIN jewelry is a young designer jewelry brand created in 2016 by Marina Anokhina. Marina decided to radically change her life vector from a prestigious, but ordinary career in finance to freedom and self-expression by enrolling at the British Higher School of Design. As a designer, Marina sees her main task in creating new, non-standard things. She tries to keep her own style and not be like someone else. The designer is inspired by everyday things that surround us in life, which are somehow connected with the interests, lifestyle and thinking, values ​​and hobbies of both herself and people similar to her in spirit. AMARIN jewelry is unusual and attractive, bold and modern. This is the part that allows to show individuality, confidence and desire to possess and demonstrate conceptual jewelry.

M1 collection jewelry
Cork jewelry