Norbert Fischbach & Simone Heckmann Designer Profile
Norbert Fischbach & Simone Heckmann is the award-winning designer of the Multipot Cookware and cooking utensils.
Norbert Fischbach & Simone Heckmann

Discover something new! Be daring! Be creative! Design and creativity in various disciplines: In my first working period I worked as a Master Pastry Chef in the European Michelin Star awarded Gastronomy, a profession which has gone along with my family traditions. To expand my skills of creativity and design, I decided to create a bigger picture. I changed the fronts. Since 12 years I belong nationally and internationally to the design elite, producing livecookintable modular furniture. AWARDS: - Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland nominert 2009 und 2010 - iF Design Award 2008, 2009, 2018 - DDC Gute Gestaltung 2008 - Red Dot Award 2018 - New York Festival Awards

Multipot Cookware and cooking utensils