Anousha Razavi Designer Profile
Anousha Razavi is the award-winning designer of the Kashan Necklace Jewelry.
Anousha Razavi

From early childhood I was making jewelry and selling them at local stores and markets. Upon graduating from high school, I decided to pursue design as a career and studied Industrial Design at the University of Alberta. After finishing my undergraduate degree, I moved to Milan to attend Politecnico di Milano to learn more about design and entrepreneurship. I completed a Masters degree in Design Strategy, and relished the opportunity to combine my eye for design with my business mind. I was then handpicked to attend the Creative Academy on full scholarship. Creative Academy is the exclusive school of the Richemont Group. While finishing my degree, I was selected by the Richemont Group for an internship with Mont Blanc in Paris. After six months at Mont Blanc, I decided to come back to North America. Immediately upon my return from Europe, I moved to New York and worked for Tiffany & Co. where I learnt many of the important skills of the jewelry industry. Furthermore For five years, I led the design department at Maison Birks, Canada’s most prestigious jewelry house. Currently, I resides in Los Angeles and have founded Noush Jewelry – a passion project that combines my love for jewelry design, my passion for my Persian culture, and my belief in the power of personalization and individual choices. I hope that A design Award will give me a platform to introduce my work to the design communities around the world.

Anousha Razavi
Kashan Necklace Jewelry