Guohua, Cai Designer Profile
Guohua, Cai is the award-winning designer of the Insight never lies Eyewear Boutique.
Guohua, Cai

Tsay Sir Interior Design, or TSSID is a professional interior design house in Taoyuan city, Taiwan. It was established in 1995 for 23 years, founders are in fine arts background. There are some merits seems almost the same of interior space along with multi-media cubic work of well-trained fine arts designers, implant aesthetic elements into tailored-made interior design works for our clients. Recently, besides TSSID is active in the interior design industry, it is keen to share its insight of interior design ideas for community and public forum. Designer-in-chief is teaching in university, and publishing some publications pertains to interior design approach by the fine arts methodology.

Guohua, Cai
Insight never lies Eyewear Boutique