Tim Kwok Designer Profile
Tim Kwok is the award-winning designer of the Cocoon Lounge Chair .
Tim Kwok

Timmy Kwok is a product designer graduated from RMIT University in 2011. She is now working as a professional product designer in Hong Kong. She loves art and especially interested in how can art integrated with ergonomics. Besides, she is also a nature lover, she believes nature is the source of design, the best designer. From this belief, she often inspires by how evolutionary processes give rise to all species and finally become what we see today. She thinks evolution just like design processes, all species have to keep on developing themselves to fit in nature. In design part, she likes to develop aesthetic nature form that follows the basic function of the object, this is also her primarily design theory, she thinks an outstanding design is telling people what it is just by its form.

Tim Kwok
Cocoon Lounge Chair