Doreén Reifenberger Designer Profile
Doreén Reifenberger is the award-winning designer of the Balance Box.
Doreén Reifenberger

LoopKeramik [pronounced: luːp] was founded in 2013 by the ceramist Doreén Reifenberger with the aim of interpreting ceramics in a modern way and placing them in a contemporary context. The Erfurter Atelier of loopKeramik has since created artistically designed utility ceramics that use inspirations from nature, millennia-long pottery tradition or contemporary graphic design, lending new life and charm to the very simple goods such as cups, carafes or bowls. The enthusiasm for clay is the basis of the work of Doreén Reifenberger and out of this enthusiasm arise ceramic lines that allow the user beyond the mere function of a trip out of his everyday life. And yet loopKeramik is absolutely functional and dispenses with any ballast in the mold. LoopKeramik focuses on clear shapes that are sometimes playful but never unnecessary, elegant and simple and poetic at the same time.

Doreén Reifenberger
Balance Box