Surajit Majhi Designer Profile
Surajit Majhi is the award-winning designer of the Tygr Brand Video.
Surajit Majhi

Surajit is a Kolkata based creative entrepreneur. Despite having a tech background Surajit could not resist his hunger for creativity and decided to give his passion and profession the same direction. Surajit is the founder of 'Graphixstoryâ„¢ ' which is an international award-winning motion design studio from Kolkata, India. Surajit's most favorite hobby is gardening and he believes that gardening has a direct connection to leadership. He finds immense joy in creating new stuff from scratch. Apart from that Surajit has a strong affinity to learn about AR/VR, AI, Machine learning and explore our mother nature, space, and universe :). Else, he is a foodie, adaptor, and promoter of value-based lifestyle and love to explore new places and new people.

Surajit Majhi
Tygr Brand Video