Ong Lyn-Hui Designer Profile
Ong Lyn-Hui is the award-winning designer of the Japanese Food Food illustration.
Ong Lyn-Hui

ForReal Studio was co-founded by Jin Xin Kwok and Lyn-Hui Ong in 2014. Based in Penang, Malaysia, we are an independent creative studio, focusing on visual communication, corporate identity, graphic design and illustration as our efforts in creating iconic brands for clients around the world such as Singapore, Macau and Vietnam. Besides branding, we have also participated in book layout and custom illustration for several book designs.As much as we rely on digital softwares, we never cease to appreciate the irreplaceable look and feel of handcrafted art forms. In exploration of how we balance between the two, we also provide illustration in traditional media and mural painting in both small and large scale.Previously, in 2015, four of our works got featured in Good Idea Volume 4 Book, along with some of the most creditable agencies and design studios all around the world. In year 2016, both of us were invited to attend as speakers to share our experiences at 13th Exabytes Designer Club gathering held in Penang, Malaysia. When we are not working on client’s projects, Jin plays with Lego and does graffiti with his friends. Lyn draws a lot, and likes cats.

Ong Lyn-Hui
Japanese Food Food illustration