Patrycja Krawczyk Designer Profile
Patrycja Krawczyk is the award-winning designer of the Lady Crooked Face Graphic Design.
Patrycja Krawczyk

Patrycja Krawczyk has graduated from the Nicolas Copernicus University, Faculty of Fine Arts in ToruĊ„. She is a graphic designer with the heart for illustration and the eye for motion graphics. Her work has been featured in web galleries such as Behance and Ello. People all over the world who have had her work reproduced as tattoos can be seen as a living gallery of her art. Since 2009, in her free time, she has promoted music and visual arts throughout Poland. She has performed as DJ and VJ Kontrasala also known as the founder of music & visual collectives such as Soundspotting, Electric Shower, The Other Side of Techno, as well as a co-organizer of Reincarnation, Loging Festival and Technodrom CSW music events in Poland. At present she focuses mainly on the illustration and electronic music production. She is one of the members of Craftory Workshop in London. As a person she is constantly curious about the world, gaining knowledge from various fields and capable of surprising herself and others. She likes to say -'even you will never try, you can failed'. Always a little bit a philosopher.

Lady Crooked Face Graphic Design