Katarzyna Dzieciol Designer Profile
Katarzyna Dzieciol is the award-winning designer of the Tolumi Folding dressing table.
Katarzyna Dzieciol

Katarzyna Dzięcioł is an architect focused on interior architecture and furniture design. In 2009 she graduated from Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, faculty of Architecture and City Planning. Although her life has always been about creating it was not until her holiday job in 2003, in architecture company in Bristol that she was sure what exact path to choose. During the studies she has done more students placements in various designing offices with different profiles like interior design, residential architecture and industrial architecture. Her objective being to use the opportunity to explore as many fields as possible. After graduation she left for Warsaw to work in interior design and architecture offices. In 2012 she started Karbonado - interior design studio. In 2016 she graduated from post graduate studies Total Design Management held by Business School Warsaw University of Technology and Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw. Today she continues to work as Karbonado having completed numerous residential, commercial and office interior designs.

Katarzyna Dzieciol
Tolumi Folding dressing table