Ludovica Misso Designer Profile
Ludovica Misso is the award-winning designer of the Ludovica Misso Clothing.
Ludovica Misso

I was born and raised in Rome, but the passion for fashion and, in particular for the craft, I can say, was born before me. My great-grandmother in fact, had an Atelier in Tripoli, Libya, at the court of Italo Balbo. My studies and job experiences (degree from IED Rome, several internships in London and in Italy in high fashion, modeling and embroidery fields) gave me a complete overview of how to create a outfit. Starting from the touch of the pencil on the paper, which draws lines, the choice of fabrics, the scissor cutting and hand sewing and embroidering, it almost gives a soul to every outfit that is unique, special for every woman who wears it. I love to dress like a feminine, sensual, delicate and dreamy, but at the same time, also very strong, determined, original and confident woman. U can achieve all this this playing on fabrics, fine and light, applied on traditionally male garments, and vice versa, carefully revisited to dress “my woman”. It ‘s a style born from two passions that I carry with me from childhood: dance and sailing. Two sports that I practiced for many years and that taught me that every woman has two interior spirits: the ethereal delicacy, femininity and the strength, the courage, the determination. I decided to return to Italy with my bag full of experiences and dreams, to found my brand, severely Made in Italy, adding value to my studies and my passion. I am a young fashion designer who is trying to find her place in this competitive and complicate field. I wanted to cover different aspect of this job. I didn't want to stop my knowledge and be "only" a designer. I wanted to study and practice sewing, pattern making and embroidery to feel more skillful and complete as a designer. Thats why I took part in lots of different classes and why I went to London. I wanted to work hard, learn and improve. Today I know I still have to improve and work hard. The best thing of this job is that you never stop learning something new. My Brand is a small start-up. I'm Alone for now, I don't have anyone working with or for me except for the small Factories that help me with the sewing part. I love what I do and till now passion is being what gives me the power and the strength to keep going even when sometimes I felt disheartened.

Ludovica Misso Clothing