Tengchuan Chen Designer Profile
Tengchuan Chen is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Tengchuan Chen

Born after the 90s, a young and emerging Chinese graphic designer who start painting from childhood, and became an art student before taking on design. Was once taught by Professor Lan Wenjie of Shantou University's Art and Design Department. And also used to work in Lin shaobin Design Co., Ltd. Has been focusing on brand strategy and commercial design for all the time, and committed to customer-tailored brand image design work. Personal qualifications and honors: Visiting Design Lecturer, Arts and Crafts School, Shantou City, Guangdong Province; The 4th place for the logo design of the “Small Park Kaifeng District” in 2017; 2016 "Hiii IIIustration" International Illustrator Contest Award; In the tenth volume of the “China Design Yearbook” in 2014-2015, one entry was selected; In the ninth volume of China Design Yearbook 2012-2013, 3 entries were selected; Design project: Avant-courier、Dollar fried chicken shop、Uncle tea、Peng burton、Vegetarian monster.... Artistic interest: Rock music, art painting, writing

Dollar Chicken Rock Band Logo and VI
Grasp The Delicious—Lion Head Goose Lion Head Goose Packaging