Luis Fernando Garcia Ojeda Designer Profile
Luis Fernando Garcia Ojeda is the award-winning designer of the Casa PM Residential House.
Luis Fernando Garcia Ojeda

I'm a Mexican Architect, born and raised in a megalopolis, moved to the Caribbean, about 8 years ago, which change my perspective for architecture. After finishing my bachelor studies and internship, I opened with two partners a company dedicated to design and build green walls and roof gardens, this experienced made me realised that the contact with nature will be a bullet point for all my projects. Sold the company after a few years and start my own design company for architectural, interior, landscape and furniture design. Studied lightning and furniture design in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and currently studding Sustainable development in Sydney Australia. I strongly believe the our job as architects/designers is to provide a suitable place for humans with heavy interest in environmental, social and economic aspects to provide a sustainable built environment for our times and the future.

Casa PM Residential House