Timo Brunkhorst Designer Profile
Timo Brunkhorst is the award-winning designer of the The Big Bounce Object Astrophysics Theory Sculpture.
Timo Brunkhorst

Timo Brunkhorst is a multidisciplinary designer focusing on conceptual objects and graphic design. After studying at the Design Factory International, he worked in various design agencies around Hamburg Germany. With the beginning of his independence, conceptual objects become more and more his favorite kind of work. Through the newly gained freedom, he has been able to devote himself to larger projects such as the L16 series of luminaires and to pursue more and more the pursuit of perfectionism. His works are designed and constructed down to the smallest detail and always devote themselves to a superordinate theme. Timo drives the interplay and the accompanying tension between material, form and design, with his works he creates allegories from multi-layered meanings.

Timo Brunkhorst
The Big Bounce Object Astrophysics Theory Sculpture