In chul YEO Designer Profile
In chul YEO is the award-winning designer of the Loggia Room divider.
In chul YEO

I am a designer who works with artisan spirit. I intend to perpetuate the spirit of the forgotten craftsmanship. " Architecture inturniture, and furniture is signal to architecture. " Architecture contains furniture, and furniture resembles architecture. Furniture and architecture are just different scales, they're designed for our space, and they're the work that started. Furniture is a " life tool " that helps time in the construction of " the vessel of life " become a more valuable time. Types of furniture give a character to space, and the layout of furniture is the best way to use space more comfortably and efficiently. And so when many architects started to design the space, they would also design the furniture to fill the space.

In chul YEO
Loggia Room divider