Chao Wang Designer Profile
Chao Wang is an award-winning designer with 7 featured award-winning projects.
Chao Wang

NNS DESIGN&CONSULTANTS(Beijing),Co an interior design agency mainly engaged in hotels, luxury villas, real estate, model room, sales offices, VIP clubs, high-grade office buildings, as well as other areas. They core team has designers with more than ten years of experience and are design experts in interior design.They adhere to the spirit of creativity and craftsmenship values such as 'persistence', 'never give up', 'To inherit and pass on' at the same time we are striving towards continuous improvement and innovation, so that each project is a new work of art. They design concepts at Neverspace regularly exceed our client's expectations and therefore allow us to establish ourselves as the 'standard' in design innovation.

JINKE JiuQu River Residential House
JINKE JiuQu River Residential House
JINKE Guiyang Longli East Villa Residential House
Story of Siam Exhibition
Grand Canal Sales Office
Jinke Guiyang Jiuhua Sales Office Sales Office
JINKE GuiYang Longli East Villa Residential House