Yun Yang Designer Profile
Yun Yang is the award-winning designer of the motub Elderly Oriented Bathtub.
Yun Yang

Since the late 70s 20th century in Chinaļ¼Œthe implementation of family planning policy and the policy of reform and opening, with lower fertility rates, and economic conditions to improve the health level of improved significantly, the social security policy of gradually perfect, the extension of national common life, population growth began to slow down, to the elderly population growth in the 90s, in 1999 China formally entered the ageing society, after nearly 20 years, an aging population showed a trend of increase, but the elderly in China is still in its early infancy, their quality of life, generally low in our country, improve the elderly living environment, the design of the special care for the elderly to provide more can improve the life quality of old people. Bathing activity as the daily basic personal needs, but for the disabled elderly is become a dangerous activity, in view of the disabled elderly the universal demand, this topic research the elderly bathing activities of route, frequency, found the pain. Put forward the constructive improvement measures, the feasibility of bath way, reduce the loss brought by the old man to the body function decline, for the old man to build a real barrier-free bath systems with care, love, let the elder enjoy their old time.

motub Elderly Oriented Bathtub