Sze Wing Ng Designer Profile
Sze Wing Ng is the award-winning designer of the Wanderlust In Wilderness Menswear Collection.
Sze Wing Ng

Ng Sze Wing, Celia, born in Hong Kong. Growing up with the mixed eastern and western cultures, she likes to bring the elements from both together in her designs. She is also particularly keen on art and fashion. She began her study in art at a very young age until the end of secondary education and her fashion journey began since then. Art and fashion have always been the ways of her expression and telling her thoughts. Celia usually draws inspiration from the literature of both human and nature and presents the ideas in a poetic way. She likes to observe the hidden beauty in everyday life, which inspires her wider explorations on textiles, silhouettes and details. The blend of east and west, art and fashion, have developed her styles and unique aesthetics.

Sze Wing Ng
Wanderlust In Wilderness Menswear Collection