Hui Chi Ho Howard Designer Profile
Hui Chi Ho Howard is an award-winning designer with 3 featured award-winning projects.
Hui Chi Ho Howard

HOWS was founded in 2001 by Howard Hui. After graduating from The Hong Kong Polytechnic of Art & Design in 1996, he started his career at Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) as stage designer. Starting with stage design as the mainstream business at its early age. It had designed stages for popular artists in Hong Kong including GiGi Leung, Jade Kwan, Hanjin, Lam Fung, Tai Chi, Dave Wang, Shirley Kwan, William Chan, Li Yi Feng.....HOWS has extended the business to Spatial and Event design. We would like to design more stage with different visual impact for the audience. Combine with multimedia / innovative technology & exhilarating spectacle. With different characteristic and points of view from different professions, we support each other with greatest flexibility and possibility in design. We have more than 20years experience in different design services.

Hui Chi Ho Howard
Dave Wang World Tour Concert
Starhub TVB Awards TV Show
Good night show  King Maker