Sunil Hu'mane Designer Profile
Sunil Hu'mane is the award-winning designer of the Hermitage Retreat Recreational Home.
Sunil Hu'mane

Sunil Humane (b.1976) is an architect who is the Founder Principal of Studio Humane,He has designed projects that range from bungalows, weekend houses to factories, hospitality buildings and office buildings across Maharashtra – thereby engaging varying scales in disciplines of interior design architecture & landscape design. He studied at the Sir J J College of Architecture, Mumbai and graduated with honor (1999). He worked with the CCBA Designs, a multi disciplinary design company with primary focus on Architecture, Design and Planning, under the leadership of Architect Christopher Charles Benninger. He believes that most complex and beautiful solutions are often the simplest. He follows a context based design approach, his cohesive design could connect to the region in order to evolve a purist design solution. He founded Studio Humane in year 2004. Studio Hu'mane is a firm, based in India, working passionately in various design streams like Architecture, Landscape Design, Interior Design, Product and Accessories Design. The studio has received many regional and national awards such as Gold Medal from Indian Institute of Architects ; Tata Tiscon Raise 2012 – Publication Award ; Young Designers 2009 & 2012 – Publication Award by reputed magazine “Indian Architect and Builder” ; IIID-MK Award 2009, 2012, 2017 in runner-up & commendation categories ; ‘Artist In Concrete Award’ 2011 & 2012;; A + D Award 2013 – Design with difference ; A + D Award 2013 – Young Architect of the year Award ; ‘Promising Young Architects’ 2014 – By Indian institute of Architects, Maharashtra Chapter; Architects, Engineers and Surveyors Association, Pune (AESA) Award 2017 & many more. The firm under his leadership has been frequently recognized for its commitment to smart and sustainable design practice.

Sunil Hu'mane
Hermitage Retreat Recreational Home