Hu Sun Designer Profile
Hu Sun is an award-winning designer with 6 featured award-winning projects.
Hu Sun

The Founder, Chairman, Chief Designer of Guangzhou S.P.I Design Co., Ltd graduated from Nanjing Forestry University, he has more than 20 years of experience in landscape architecture design. He has presided over nearly 100 international and domestic landscape planning and landscape design projects and has won many international and domestic awards. He believed that the landscape could settle people’s hearts by creating a comforting zone. Then, he created the New Shanshui Design Concept, which is the natural spirit and cultural value rooted in landscapes. It takes the emotional exchange between humans and nature as a medium and reshapes the aesthetics of contemporary urban life artistically through the current material civilization such as new technology, new craftsmanship and new materials to build a living community in a balanced way and leave a poetic space for life evolution. Meanwhile, the “New” refers to time, starting from the reality and civilization at this time. The “Shanshui” refers to space, microscopic site spirit, and an extended regionalist attitude. In this way, the landscape constructs a poetic life suitable for the present and the region for human beings. The “New Shanshui” is to explore the history and the present, mapping out a route for humans to return to nature. On the microscopic scale, it is a poetic habitation of living space with ecological nature, allowing landscapes to be introduced into urban patch space. On the mesoscale, it is to solve the problems of homogenization and urban diseases in the process of urbanization, so that the city can be integrated into the landscape. On the macro-scale, the New Shanshui Design Concept is trying to solve the ecological security of the land and the problem of the construction method of ecological civilization to make the landscape become the infrastructure of the country. He has devoted to China’s rural and urban development and ecological civilization construction with the mission of “Poetic Dwelling Inherit Innovation”, based on the New Shanshui Design Concept, driven by innovative design, with digital technology as the core and Shanshui General Theater as the carrier, to build a world-renowned landscape technology innovation platform.

Hu Sun
Agile View World Residential Exhibition Area
Times Mansion Residential Exhibition Area
Rizhao Bailuwan Cherry Blossom Town Art and Cultural Space
Poly Tan Gim Residential Exhibition Area
Guiyang New Community Park Residential Exhibition Area
Art One Residential Exhibition Area