Cheng-Hsuan Huang Designer Profile
Cheng-Hsuan Huang is an award-winning designer with 6 featured award-winning projects.
Cheng-Hsuan Huang

Cheng-Hsuan Huang is the founder and design director of T.M Design Studio in Taiwan. For the quality of life is extremely demanding, so the pursuit of aesthetics in interior design is very important. Each piece of work is a challenge, a breakthrough in his past knowledge, a revolution beyond the beautiful and more beautiful. However, Cheng-Hsuan Huang is also a very practical designer. He requires the rationality and economy of the design, make sure it is complete and feasible, which can present the integrity of the construction without error. The most extreme to maximize the budget. The selection of materials and furniture is characterized by safety, firmness, environmental protection and durability. The majority of the time that people spend with space can be transformed into the perfect critical point, without too much decoration and unnecessary ornament. The design in space is no longer just for the sake of beauty but also the aesthetic concept of integrating life.

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