Ting Wang Designer Profile
Ting Wang is the award-winning designer of the Impression Nanxi River Multifunctional hall.
Ting Wang

Mr. Ting Wang, a interior designer in China, has been engaged in interior design industry for more than 16 years, and has been experienced in various interior design projects. He is interested in modern architecture research and practice with regional cultural characteristics. He thought that the good building must be conducive to sustained development of ecological architecture, human society is based on with the construction on the local culture, whose both external and internal, and form, should pursue is with distinctive local characteristics and the building of the humanistic spirit.He thinks that both interior design and architectural design should be attention to the social value, the design against excessive design, advocates of public environmental sustainability design and reuse, pay attention to vulnerable groups, the design should serve the society.

Ting Wang
Impression Nanxi River Multifunctional hall