Aly Bassam Designer Profile
Aly Bassam is the award-winning designer of the The Final Chapter 2023 Video Game.
Aly Bassam

Aly Bassam is a Lebanese graphic designer who is in his middle twenties. A young graphic designer who was able to prove himself among a great number of designers who exceeded him with experience and age. For Aly, neither his age nor his years of experience mattered, it was only his wide creativity and persistence that lead him to be from the few designers that have a vivid future awaiting. When it comes to achievements, it is important to mention that Aly got a lot of his artworks published in international magazines like the "Photoshop magazine" and also adobe itself shared one of his artworks. He got known by time and is working with agencies in his country and willing to work internationally. The society that aly belongs to got used to his way of communication, it is the touches that he adds to his work that directly reflect his point of view toward any discussed issue. Of course, not forgetting to mention that what makes him unique and interesting is the perseverance and patience he has that is shown in all of his artworks, they took time and efforts; however they are always eye catching and meaningful.

Aly Bassam
The Final Chapter 2023 Video Game