Alejandra Segura Narino Designer Profile
Alejandra Segura Narino is the award-winning designer of the Armonia Chair Collection.
Alejandra Segura Narino

Colombian Industrial and Product Designer. Alejandra Segura started her professional career as Industrial Designer at El Bosque University in Bogotá, where she had the opportunity to participate in the UANL Academic Exchange program in Mexico. In the quest to expand his knowledge, she travels to Italy, where she achieved with honors the Master Degree in Product Design at Domus Academy in Milan. During her career she had the opportunity to actively participate in the development of projects in collaboration with important companies and design studios, among them: Ideal Standard, Roberto Palomba Serafin, Valerio Sommella, Re-power, Opendot and Wood Skin. Her fundamental tool in the execution of Design is based on the User-Product Interaction; This permits to obtain a clear vision of the practical, aesthetic and communicative function of the product, leading to a clear result for the user experience. The passion for her profession has motivated Alejandra to carry out projects in different areas of design, from the creation of everyday objects, furniture, accessories, packaging and branding, to interaction and interface design projects.

Alejandra Segura Narino
Armonia Chair Collection