Rumeysa Aris Designer Profile
Rumeysa Aris is the award-winning designer of the Iconic Sx80 Hybrid Yacht Design.
Rumeysa Aris

She is a passionate up-and-coming Yacht Designer and have a Bachelors degree in Naval and Nautical Design, graduating with honours. She has 4 years of experience designing interiors and exteriors of private and commercial vessels working internationally. Currently she lives and works in Sydney, Australia, is completing a Diploma of Leadership and Management, and is working on her start-up yacht design company Azurite in her spare time. She keeps up to date with industry trends of yacht design, interior design and architecture. She is creating projects with the future in mind such as the Iconic Sx80 with her hybrid propulsion system and unique and innovative design features, to attract and inspire a dedicated and broader market. She is currently working for a boutique yacht and commercial vessel design company where she is also happily somewhat of a mentor to her colleagues in yacht design and the specific software. She is open to taking creative risks, pushing design forward, merging aesthetic and functionality, and art and design. She lives an ethical lifestyle, engage with her community, eat a plant based diet, is dedicated to helping others and she speaks English and Turkish fluently.

Rumeysa Aris
Iconic Sx80 Hybrid Yacht Design