Hanji Design Team Designer Profile
Hanji Design Team is the award-winning designer of the Hanji Upcycled Fabric Planter.
Hanji Design Team

The Hanji Design Team has two members, Pei-Yu Chen and Yun-Hsuan Lin. This team was founded for Hanji upcycled fabric project in 2016. The team tries hard to utilize wasted clothes to make a new upcycled material. To make a more eco-friendly world, the Hanji Design Team makes effort on finding more opportunities for this new material. Therefore, Hanji upcycled fabric plant pot is designed as the first product to express that recycled fabric can peacefully co-exist with nature. On the other hand, the Hanji Design Team also want people to be familiar with recycling cloth not only in their products but by participating in experimental workshops.

Hanji Design Team
Hanji Upcycled Fabric Planter