Laura Micheli Designer Profile
Laura Micheli is the award-winning designer of the Leaf Earrings.
Laura Micheli

Laura Micheli is an Italian architect and jewelry designer based in Zurich, Switzerland. Born in Novi Ligure (Italy), she was formed as an Architect at the Academy of Architecture of Mendrisio and after a few years spent travelling and working in Paris, Milan and London, she decided to establish the jewellery atelier “Laura Micheli” in Zurich. Jewelry design has been a passion and interest for the last ten years and it has always went hand in hand with architecture. The creative process behind her pieces of jewelry takes place in different ways. It can start from a formal or aesthetic inspiration, from a memory, or from the request of the client. Often a creative error turns into an element of interest, so when a piece is not finished yet, a second is already born. Sometimes the process is completely random and spontaneous. Every piece of jewelry is handmade, imperfect and therefore unique. The jewels are the representation of Laura's close encounters with materials, techniques, forms, references, images, stories, people, souls, memories.

Laura Micheli
Leaf Earrings