Arc Studio Architecture + Urbanism Pte Ltd Designer Profile
Arc Studio Architecture + Urbanism Pte Ltd is the award-winning designer of the The Tembusu Residential Condominium.
Arc Studio Architecture + Urbanism Pte Ltd

ARC studio is founded by the husband and wife team of Khoo Peng Beng and Belinda Huang in 1998. ARC Studio is a creative place that embraces diversity, collaboration, open-minded communication and the greatest challenge of all, change. Nature is ARC Studio’s tool, big and small, finite and infinite. Their fuel is anything that stimulates the imagination. Most of all ARC Studio is inspired by the interaction with their Clients, their collaborators and the people who will eventually use their designs. ARC Studio’s exciting portfolio ranges in scale from self-sufficient eco-townships incorporating permaculture in the highlands of Malaysia to super high rise high density housing projects in congested urban centres to highly customized homes and work environments.

The Tembusu Residential Condominium