Polina Nozdracheva (ALPN Ltd) Designer Profile
Polina Nozdracheva (ALPN Ltd) is the award-winning designer of the Equitorus Equestrian sport center.
Polina Nozdracheva (ALPN Ltd)

Polina Nozdracheva is architect and urban planner, CEO of ALPN Ltd. Her main professional goal is to working for people doing for mankind functional, comfortable, sustainable and healthy habitat. Her projects is the combination between creation the unusual projects using a lot of color and using the professional skills. Working on the project she is always thinking from the big urban scale to the small scale of details, that is mean that very important to solve the questions from General to specific. Just in this case the project can became the real part of urban space. Bold decisions on the use of bright colors, bringing innovative solutions even in the most ordinary and functional projects and in the professional sense of urban territories in general distinguishes projects of Polina Nozdracheva.

Polina Nozdracheva (ALPN Ltd)
Equitorus  Equestrian sport center