Belinda Mason Designer Profile
Belinda Mason is the award-winning designer of the Unfinished Business Awareness - Aboriginal Disability Rights.
Belinda Mason

I collaborate with people who are impacted by multiple discrimination in order to create a platform on which they can use art as a medium through which public create awareness of particular issues. Often these people are voiceless within their own communities, let lone the world outside their own social environment. For each person who comes forward their are thousands who remain silent. Those who do come forward, through telling their story, provide solace to those who remain silent, through the realisation that they are not alone. Th goal of the work is to reveal that we are all multifaceted and that until we can look at each other and seek what is the same about each other first, we will never be able to understand the difference between us. Such understanding is a holistic approach to communicating with our fellow human beings, which empowers us all. Design thinking is critical in our approach to social, economic and environmental sustainability in which hinges on a fragile balance.

Unfinished Business Awareness - Aboriginal Disability Rights