Jared Rhind Designer Profile
Jared Rhind is the award-winning designer of the EP Series Sailing Equipment.
Jared Rhind

Over the course of the past several years, I have found success in helping individuals and organizations define who they are, discover their visions, and determine distinctive voices through design. While I have enjoyed success with businesses in various pursuits, I am resolved to combine my creative ability and knack for design with my passion for the outdoors. As a kid I would often concoct a vision of the glorious career I would have as a surfer, undeterred by the fact that I lived 890 miles from the nearest break. I may not have ended up the ‘pro in the water’, but I am not afraid to jump in next to them, to collaborate with them and to push for the best designs possible. Having defined my passion and honed my skill-set, I intend to apply them in opportunities that will offer enough confidence, trust and autonomy for me to make good on the tough decisions that come with being a creative director. Chances are, I will approach each job with more zealousness and care than most anyone you have worked with before.

EP Series Sailing Equipment