Davide Oppizzi Designer Profile
Davide Oppizzi is the award-winning designer of the Mozaik system Modulable lamp.
Davide Oppizzi

Davide Oppizzi is someone who is interested by all the colors of rainbow. This is an experimental and permanent path of creativity to discover in each colors the human aspect with the complexity of Mother Nature, our infinity inspiration, and translating it in objects or matter. Embrace all the colors and you obtain the light. “Only light can reveal matter.” Convinced of the influence of light on humans, objects and spaces, as well as their yin-yang complementarity, DCUBE has specialised in light engineering. It provides its clients with complete lighting studies for all the projects destined to bring their products to prominence. Davide Oppizzi demonstrates unique mastery of all the essential parameters for a lighting project: concept, aesthetics, technology, installation. The consideration of how a space should be lit is primarily an emotional vision, anterior to the technicalities. The expertise in light engineering that accompanies this creative vision makes Davide Oppizzi - DCUBE a novel company with the capacity to fulfill all the requirements of a demanding international clientele.

Davide Oppizzi
Mozaik system Modulable lamp