Ryoichi Niwata Designer Profile
Ryoichi Niwata is an award-winning designer with 4 featured award-winning projects.
Ryoichi Niwata

BOND DESIGN STUDIO Inc. was established in 2011 by Ryoichi Niwata to create interior design solutions for luxury hospitality environments. Through their designs, the firm aims to enhance each aspect of the guest experience. Each unique space is composed of elements drawn from each property's location, culture and history, supported by Japanese philosophy and ideals. Traditional and modern materials, textures and furniture combine to create new interiors that are elegant, engaging and soothing. The firm's design achievement has been consistently delivering international hospital spaces. From offices in Tokyo, the designers and technical staff are organized and integrated into project team that are able to address a full spectrum of interior design services. Their design leadership is actively and fully engaged in every aspect of our design process. They approach each project with their personal perspectives, integrating the business and strategic goals of the owners into successful design.

Midtown  Brewery Bar
Cafe Amoy   All Day Dining
Shangri-La Singapore Hotel
Fu Gong Chinese Restaurant