Shiho Chu Designer Profile
Shiho Chu is an award-winning designer with 3 featured award-winning projects.
Shiho Chu

1994 Graduated from Osaka University of Arts. 1998 Established Dial Design Co., Ltd., based in Taiwan. 2006 Advocates the idea of “Healing Space” in residential spaces, our design methods are “distinguishable creativity and bold-thinking” and “people-oriented and stayed with unadorned”. The phrase “Healing Space “ even became a proper noun in Taiwanese market ever since. While sharing more aesthetic perception of design with the public, we preserved and practices Japanese aesthetic into our design, which has slowly transformed the public from the perspective of purely enjoys Japanese culture to extracting the essence of Japanese culture, and flavored it with passion and the free spirits of Taiwanese elements. Adding the affections to the local, we developed a type of design that varies from Japanese restricted line-structured space and monotonous colours, we named this phenomenon as “Neo-Wafuism”. Awards: 2017 iF Award. 2017 Finalist of Good Design Award. 2017 Golden Pin Design Award. 2016 Finalist of Good Design Award. 2016-2017 Real Estate Design China Award. 2016 Singapore Interior Design Award. 2015-2016 Asia Pacific Design Center Award 2015 Taiwan Interior Design Award.

Bi-Wabisabi Micro Residence
Sushi Palace Japanese Cuisine Restaurant
Wu She Restaurant