Anne Gordon Designer Profile
Anne Gordon is the award-winning designer of the Royal North Shore Hospital Sydney Wayfinding environmental graphics.
Anne Gordon

Always told she was a problem solver. Trained as an industrial designer, Anne found mass production less interesting than the opportunities that arose in her career to apply the same skills and materials understanding to solving wayfinding problems. She was able to design more one off solutions that would lead to a different and original outcome every time. Her design history was very broad. She had the good fortune to collaborate and work with industrial designers who taught her how to design with a sense of humour and know how to use a drawing board, and architects who taught her the understanding of scale and the importance of detail in large and intimate spaces, and with landscape architects who are also festidious about materials relationships and and placement in a public domain or precious open spaces. These things formed a particular style which may draw upon simple shapes but with finnesse and confidence to leave a mark on the world. Out and about in Sydney, her work can pop up on the TV, seen behind a news presenter as a place making element, or in a large stadium to be used by big rock stars, or just next to a main road for everyone to use and enjoy - no wonder she drives her children mad regularly pointing and saying wherever they go ...."I designed that!"

Royal North Shore Hospital Sydney Wayfinding environmental graphics