Li Liu Designer Profile
Li Liu is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Li Liu

Li Liu,as a professional designer, has been working in the field of Interior Design for years.Regarding design as her lifelong interest and love,Li Liu has joined in many professional competitions,gainning an increasingly reputation in design of China and Asia and Pacific area .No matter what challenges her,nothing will change her firm and sincere devotion to design.Being simplicity and concentration is the key to produce awesome works .What she cares more is also the availability of opportunities to learn from different competitions and further achievement in design. As she always said:To dedicate to researches on the deep space design and value, create more added values through design so as to maximize the design value.

Li Liu
Yasin Nice Chanson Sales Center Real Estate Sales Center
Yasin Olive Garden New Mansion LOFT Real Estate Sales Center