Wei Zhou Designer Profile
Wei Zhou is the award-winning designer of the Long Table.
Wei Zhou

He is the architect in charge of atelier mearc. Born in Shanghai in 1982. Graduated from architecture department, the college of Fine Arts in 2005. Established atelier mearc in 2012. The studio is in a little yard in Shanghai, located in former French concession. The place is 68 sqm containing 5 rooms and 2 yards each facing north and south, 20 meters from the main street and 7 turns to take. It visualizes special rhythm and consistency along with taking the turns. Accompanied by ring bell from the elementary school nearby, and food smell floating out from neighbors at lunch and dinner time, life there is so beautiful that it needs to mobilize all the senses to savor. He love the way it is; architecture originates from people.

Wei Zhou
Long Table