Pejman Tayebi Designer Profile
Pejman Tayebi is the award-winning designer of the An Apartment based on rural architecture Residential.
Pejman Tayebi

Pejman Tayebi is a designer, architect and musician with a B.A. from university of Guilan and M.A. from Azad-university Central Tehran branch. He began interested in the concept of art and then design after learning piano and photography in school ages, and started becoming experienced in the art of graphic. Studying the basics of aesthetics in 2 dimension made him able to extend it to the 3rd dimension. Also, knowing some principles of music, as an art defining itself in the concept of “time”, his view to architecture formed in a way that connects the understanding of space to the pass of time. He began his professional activities during his co-operation with Mehrdad Mirfallah , a cinema director in 2014. Afterwards, he began working in Form-Faza company along with Dr. Mehrdad Javaherian. After acquaintance with Saeed Fahimpour, and getting involved in a series of design and present processes, his dip of experiences began to rise. During this time of working with a number of architectures, he made his way to be a team member of architecture projects and competitions in which top scores and prizes in some international and national contests were awarded.

An Apartment based on rural architecture Residential