Tomonobu Kawakami Designer Profile
Tomonobu Kawakami is an award-winning designer with 3 featured award-winning projects.
Tomonobu Kawakami

Tomonobu Kawakami works in a small town between Osaka and Kyoto prefectures in the west of Japan. Kawakami runs an interior design firm, a café, as well as art gallery from a wood frame building dated at over 100 years old. Kawakami is a designer, gallerist and event director. These activities are all related as the area of “space design” or its extension. For instance, the cafe is used as a space to richly spend "time to tea". Tomonobu Kawakami Space Designs” The core business "Tomonobu Kawakami Space Designs" is ranges from design-related to space to planning and direction such as interior design, architectural design, furniture design, exhibition and exhibition composition. Kawakami’s approach to design work is to gain his clients thoughts, read the characteristics of the place, build a concept, expand the image, organize ideas, and create a unique space. Kawakami contributes to local events by designing event space. These events are core to a town’s development, with the aim of imbuing residents with pride for the place in which they live.

Kashi Kashi Cafe
SEN&GALLERY Showroom,Gallery,Atelier
Le Lien Hair Salon