Roberto and Fabiana Designer Profile
Roberto and Fabiana is the award-winning designer of the Tree Pod Pendant Light .
Roberto and Fabiana

Lighting designs from Seedling Kenya are the materialization of the company philosophy that envisions humans and nature living alongside in a technological world. With their background in architecture and a professional career which brought them all over the world from their native Argentina and Italy, Fabiana and Roberto landed in Kenya with the strong belief that nature is offering us everything we need to live. Their designs are likely the first ever to use Baobab pods, indigenous trees bark, palm leaves, shredded plantation timber and other unusual local natural materials in clean and elegant products where raw natural resources and innovative design join together. “Light is the vital force that brings human-made structures to life, the slight imperfections inherent in any material harvested from nature just empower and transform it in a unique way. “ Everything in nature is a result of millions of years of evolution which shaped its forms in a perfect balance of functional and aesthetic values. Designers should look at nature not only for inspiration but also as a source of prime materials to be upcycled, this way only we can create designs that are sustainable in both technique and the message they convey.

Roberto and Fabiana
Tree Pod  Pendant Light