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Lin Chang Man is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Lin Chang Man

Lines construed statically Lines are simple but indispensable to construe space. A huge use of linear lines in space in combination with multi-materials defines the spatial masses in order via a close linear connection and deliberately makes lines subtle and clear via dim chromatic space. Masses determine the mode of dialogues between sight and space. The space starts at the entrance of the lobby. A retrospective design concept deliberately connects separate zones for continuation of walk and look. Plains and lines respond to each other in a fabulous way by linear separation at varied scales with intercrossing lines and overlapping plain masses elevated. A rectangular overlap of masses and a linear visual extension of angles construe a nice and neat scene in space. A linear configuration presents the beauty of lines in room full of calm and sublimation.

Lin Chang Man
Journey Art interior space  exhibition design
Lines construed statically interior space, exhibition design