DesignNest Designer Profile
DesignNest is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.

Allocacoc, an industrial design firm, stands for setting a different standard. One of our top selling products is the PowerCube: An award-winning product in multiple categories, amongst which the coveted Red Dot Award for Industrial Design. We are also helping other designers to develop their ideas into products and launch them into the market through our crowdfunding platform called DesignNest. DesignNest is a crowdfunding platform that offers designers a unique opportunity to develop their ideas into finished products that are launched onto shelves worldwide. In contrast to traditional crowdfunding platforms, DesignNest provides a complete solution and support for designers from sourcing, production and assembly, as well as distribution and sales. Designers experience the entire process while having the chance to collaborate with other designers in an open environment. There are already two successful projects with products that are on their way to stores worldwide, namely DAX: ‘the wallet with a trick up its sleeve’, and Levit8: ‘the flat folding portable standing desk’.

earBeans Earphones for Best Comfort
LightCube Multifunctional Lighting Unit