Surat Anjali Associates Designer Profile
Surat Anjali Associates is the award-winning designer of the Keshavrao Bhosle Natyagruha, Kolhapur Drama Theatre.
Surat Anjali Associates

He thinks he is an object with energy & soul in him with purity. Who is responsible to try & restore his art around him to his best in his designed structures. He believes in conservation, because history tells us the stories of past which builds our future. Without it there is no meaning of human civilization, he thinks he should pass on relay sticks to newcomers to continue running and running to respect human race & its civilizations, his job is to conserve.he thinks Every step we take every move we make, every thought we think is art & this art helps to plan or design. Mind should be very pure while handling art & design, they are like a marriage. It should be pure in relation, which will perform very well as happy family. Now relating these art & design in my structure for me engaging with regional art, should be part of our structure like a soul of our body.

Keshavrao Bhosle Natyagruha, Kolhapur Drama Theatre