Adam Gallacher Designer Profile
Adam Gallacher is the award-winning designer of the Irish Heart Identity.
Adam Gallacher

We are a specialist branding agency who believe in the transformative power of good design. We believe good design solves problems, simplifies and clarifies, it can inspire and connect us, good design is not how something looks but how it works and can be a positive force for good. We have chosen to specialise, to apply our combined 40 years of experience working in the worlds top branding in agencies. From experience we felt that no one was truly combining great strategic insight with great design that there tended to be a focus on one to the detriment of the other and it seemed no one wanted to truly combine both. We are as inspired by great ideas as we are of beautiful craft and wanted to create a boutique agency that bridged this divide. We want our work to be as effective as as it can be beautiful. We work in deep collaboration with all of our clients to uncover their purpose and to bring that to life with distinction and no little magic. We believe that designs true potential is not being fully exploited by our peers and that it can truly change how we view the everyday, challenge the norms, raise expectations and broaden horizons, this in short is the mission that we are on.

Adam Gallacher
Irish Heart Identity