Zorlu Center Designer Profile
Zorlu Center is the award-winning designer of the Life Tree ( Hayat Agacı) Sculpture Lighting.
Zorlu Center

About SEBNEM BUHARA : Born in 1975,Şebnem Buhara started architectural practise while she studied at Mimar Sinan University Architecture department and continue today in her design office, BOU Interior & Architecture. She has accomplished many important projects with her architectural education and ability.Her main principle; It defines customers' identity, desires and dreams as' creating lean and timeless spaces' by adding their own professional experience and imagination.Şebnem Buhara, who has a boutique mentality, is particularly distant from the fabrication work; Making the decorations that reflect the character of the people living at the same time without disturbing the personality of the place.The target mass of Şebnem Buhara; Those who see an architect as a qualification and want to spend it on his life.Before the design work, she grasps the customer's wishes, dreams, especially the character and the way of life. Then the design phase begins. About Ozan Ünal: Born in İzmir, 1974. After having college education in Izmir, he started his art education in Dokuz Eylul University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Graphics. Then, he made his transition to Fashion and Accessories in the same faculty. During university education, he won prizes in Beymen Academia Design Contest and Leather Days Design Contest. He represented Turkey in Young Designer Seminar of SAGA International Design Center in Denmark. He graduated in 2000 with his thesis: "Restricted Imagination - Designer Point of View". He build Atelier Pi - Arts and Design Atelier in İzmir, Karsiyaka. He has been to various joint exhibitions. He continues his artistic work in various art disciplines but mainly on sculpture in his atelier. .

Life Tree ( Hayat Agacı) Sculpture Lighting