Arch. Andrea Stramigioli Designer Profile
Arch. Andrea Stramigioli is the award-winning designer of the Jobs Display Cabinet.
Arch. Andrea Stramigioli

Was born in Pesaro, 1966, place where he gets the diploma at the Institute of Arts. Then, he graduates in Architecture at the University in Florence (Università degli Studi). At the same time, he starts his apprenticeship in several design studios up to his degree. Following to his meeting with the designer Renato Clini, a new industrial and interior design studio, Officina Progetti is set his plans are spread in different parts of the world. His jobs fully express his philosophy, in contrast to the cloning system and opposite to an idea valid for all times and all places, and on the other hand, promoting up and, by making various plans, he achieves his early good reviews and awards. He is currently the owner of the Stramigioli Associates Studio, with headquarters in Pesaro but, at this point,proposals always thought to be different.

Jobs Display Cabinet